Baltic Sea

Прости меня моя любовь
A message in Russian. Прости меня моя любовь. And a beautiful view at the Baltic Sea.

13 thoughts on “Baltic Sea

    1. Земфира – Прости Меня, Моя Любовь

      My Russia is not good enough, but is the message more like “I love you, forgive me!”?

      1. Yes you’re right, it says “I love you. Forgive me”. So pardon my Russian. The ending was inspired by Zemfrira. But BalticBullet.. I thought you were native Russian?

      2. 😀 No, I’m Finnish… but still finding my roots… and want to learn Viro and Russian!

      3. It was just a song that had the same atmosphere and flow what was in the beautiful picture… sorry for confusing! 🙂

  1. throve.. it’s ok.. the message i wrote in the caption and the message itself were not 100% the same. I added the lines from Zemfira. Sorry for the confusion.

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