Beijing bicycle sharing system

Beijing's new bike sharing system. Red rental bikes.
Beijing’s new bike sharing system, launched in 2012. Red rental bikes. I didn’t see anybody using them.

7 thoughts on “Beijing bicycle sharing system

  1. I think this is a great idea…I noticed the last time I was in Toronto, they have the same kind of service there…many of the spots were empty so the bikes were being used

  2. so you really get around the world like this?
    Yeah, I think the bike sharing thing is outstanding and I wish it would catch on in every single city.
    All they’d have to do is actually RIDE a frickin’ bike in their town and they’d become hooked! Reno is fantastic to ride around.

  3. On our recent RTW we saw bike sharing programs in Barcelona, Riga, Ljubljana, and Melbourne. They appeared to have varying levels of success, but Barcelona’s program seemed the most popular.

  4. We have them in London as well. We call them Boris’ bikes after the Mayor who introduced them (he’s also known to cycle around London on his own bike). They’re a great idea and people do you them but they’re expensive for the city to run,

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